I've been obsessed with making things since I was eight years old. I remember hunting for backyard treasures with a bright orange bag crocheted by my mom, and making beaded paper clip earrings with childhood friends. In high school my best friends and I bought matching sky blue sewing machines and dreamt about our creative futures over homemade scones.

Now that I have two young boys, I'm rethinking my future and realizing that now is the perfect time to start blogging. It will keep me focused on being creative in every aspect of life, and I truly believe that my family will benefit from the projects that I have planned for our future.

Having two young children is incredibly time consuming and challenging, but now that they're just a tiny bit more independent (as in, I can put them down happily and use my arms!), I'm excited to finally have the time to work on this DIY blog — something that I've been dreaming of building for over a decade.

Thank you for joining me in this journey!